Brass Monkey Runs


The Brass Monkey run is held normally on Jan 1st.  Bikers meet at Burton on Trent - Nottingham - Leicester - Rugby - Derby - the West Midlands and beyond and leave around 12 noon to arrive at The Vic between 12.30 and 1pm, 
At 1.30 pm a tour around The Charnwood Forest takes place and takes about 45 minutes to an hour to complete, on returning to The Vic, free hot soup and a roll is given to the normally shivering riders and passengers, a collection is made for the RAINBOWS Children's Hospice which normally raises a few hundred pounds, below is an accumulation of pictures taken over a few of the years by us, and the good ones by a good friend of The Vic, Ray Shepard who is a familiar face around the bike scene of The Midlands.  Also Darren from CSC sent us these links from The Brassmonkey run

Hiya !

Thank you for the tea and coffee!  Twas just what was needed!

Our pictures from the day are here: Brass Monkey Run

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Summer Brassmonkey Run

RAINBOWS (summer) BRASS MONKEY RUN at The Vic Bikers Pub in Coalville raised over 500 on Thursday night Aug 9th for the children's hospice in Loughborough, bikers left 20 minutes late for the run around the Charnwood Forest but got back in time for the Miss Wet T/shirt, A Thong for Europe, The best Tattoo competition, and Bike Of The Night, there were plenty of takers in all categories with winners taking home a trophy and a cash prize.

Bikers came from all over the midlands on what was a rare warm sunny night, photographers were everywhere especially for the T/shirt and Thong category which will be posted on The Vic website soon