Here's a gallery of Punters Mugshots and Charity Run Pics!

Polish Chap with now running GPZ900R, looking very happy, after being bump-started
by Samual "Smiler" Hughes. All pics taken Saturday 29 Spetember 2012.

Donna 'SnowTigeress' Green, of Nuneaton, Warwickshire; riding a 1986 Honda CB125 Super-Dream, named
"The Pup", which she spent a year building from a pile of scrap; celebrating her first L-Plate-less ride,
having past her motorbike test last week on it, fifteen months after finishing the build of the bike.
Something of an accomplishment for a woman who suffers anxiety and agoraphobia who spent six
years previously wobbling about on L-Plates, constantly knocked back by male ego's telling her she couldn't
ride, and didn't need a licence, she was 'only' a girl, she only needed a tiddler!

Samual "Smiler" Hughes, of Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, riding a 1989 Honda CG125, called "Keggy",
which he frequently falls off in the presence of confectionery packaging. We think he came to Leicestershire
to persue a vendetta against Garry Lineker, after writing off his first bike, another Honda CB125 Super-
Dream, riding, or I suppose more precicely, failing to ride, over a crisp packet..... but we believe he got
lost, because he turned up in my back-garden in Nuneaton, so we dragged him along to the Vic with us!

John & Nicky from Norwich

John and Sparky!


Vic Bar Staff
Vic bar staff Sam, Ross and Sarah!

Skully Helmet
Hi everyone, this is my Skully helmet - Jenny Martin - Buzz Bee Trikers

Toy Run to HeartLink December 11th 2011