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victoriacafe2008@live.com - tel 01530814718

28 en-suit rooms at hotel next door Hermitage Park 01530 814814

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  • Live music on stage
  • Live music on stage
  • Live music on stage

THE BOOGY HOLE a new outdoor stage and Busking area at The Vic 

( Upcoming original bands wanted always )

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What’s On

A fan of all things music? You’re going to love our pub! With tons of events happening, including festivals, our friendly venue is perfect for music lovers.


With real ales and guests from all walks of life, The Victoria Bikers Pub is a very interesting place to be. Always welcoming, we are a close-knit community with a versatile venue.


We have various rooms on hand for you to enjoy your stay with us, as well as camping facilities that are available for you to hire at a very reasonable rate. Get in touch today.

Brass Monkey Run

Motorcyclists, Scooterists and Oddball Vehicles - join us from all over the Midlands to take on the Brass Monkey Run. This is a route we hold close to our hearts, and give all proceeds to charity.

About Us

As a live music pub, The Victoria Bikers Pub have a saying: ‘often imitated, never surpassed’. Since 1994, we have been established as a reputable bikers’ pub, welcoming people from all walks of life. You don’t have to be a biker to come in and have a drink with us! Offering a wide range of real ales,we have a range of food on offer from sausage egg chips and beans £3.99 ,chip buttys,burgers,soup,stews,we also prioritise the health and safety of all our guests and focus on providing an upbeat, friendly atmosphere that welcomes all. Named the ‘Best Biker and Trucker Pub’ by The Oldie magazine, we have previously been on ‘Holiday Showdown’Al Murray show,Pub of the week, ‘Four in a Bed’....BBC Inside Out .....Bike Pub of the year by Motorcycle News, one of the top 50 pubs in the UK according to 'THE ROUGH PUB GUIDE' The Two HairyBikers have been here,Chas 'n' Dave'.....Martin Johnson England Rugby star and loads of other famous faces in the bike racing world have paid us a visit.


The Pub always welcomes anyone who is interested in finding out a little more about the bike scene.People from all walks of life visit us and you can listen to some great live rock music + rock disco until 3am weekends,we are 99.9 trouble free pub, the managment and regulars wont tollerate trouble makers,32 cctv cameras help keep you safe, real ales,lagers,bitters,ciders,+ craft beers are on tap plus we bring Mead up from Redruth in Cornwall, a very sweet liquer, Our venue is occasionally available for hire for rallys, so please get in touch for more details.

Meet Helen the Cat

Helen is our pub cat, I acquired her many years ago, we had a band on from the Isle of Wight called Helen Keller, they went to the top of the road to the chip shop to get something to eat and when they came out this poor, thin, drenched little kitten was meowing its head off, so one of the band members gave it a piece of his chicken,the cat followed him back to the pub, some of the girl customers seen her and promptly asked for some food for it, ham off the bone and a saucer of warm milk seemed to go down well, a few portions more of the same and she found a warm corner and fell asleep.


I put her outside the next day thinking she might want to go back to where she came from but ham off the bone and warm milk on the menu she wasn't going anywhere, even going shoooo, go back home, wasn't persuasive enough.
Because of the Rottweiler living at the pub, I took her down my workshops in Shepshed, not that the Rotty was a problem he wanted to play with the cat but she was having none of it, she was quite content and safe down there.

I went down one day and couldn't find her, but then heard a faint meow, I looked behind a steel cabinet and on an old blue pair of overalls she was giving birth, I crept up to where she was and took her some milk and food and really left her to it.

She ended up with 5 kittens, she turned out to be a bit of a tart over the following years and has had 5 litters, I locked her in a room after the last lot until I could get her to the vet.
She has got to be about 12 years old now and was named after the band that found her, circumstances changed so moved her back to the pub.
People come to the pub just to see Helen, she's very popular  


Sadly Helen passed peacefully away April 1st 2019 aged approx 15 years old, she is buried in the beer garden and will have a plaque made for her, she touched the hearts of 100s of people and will be missed loads.

“Great Little Find”

“This is a great place to stay for a group of friends. We were down in Coalville to go to a club night nearby and this was the perfect place to crash after. It's basically just a few simple rooms above a bikers’ pub but I really liked the atmosphere and the cosiness of the place! John made us feel totally welcome and at home. The room was basic, but clean and tidy and the shared bathroom areas were spotless. Fantastic value, highly recommended!”

“Good Music, Good Food, Good Friends”

“God save the Queen Vic!!! Whether you’re a full-on big-ball biker or just some normal Joe who wants some balls-to-the-wall fun, this is an awesome company with no trouble from idiots who are more interested in fighting than having a good time. Good music, good food, good friends, and all the trimmings. Put it at the top of your bucket list - you won’t be disappointed”

“100% Recommend”

“Proper pub - staff are very friendly and welcoming. I was there for Holy Messtival and the vibe was awesome with great bands, and all the punters were just as friendly and welcoming as the staff. 100% recommend”

”Will Be Visiting Again”

“Loved our first visit - very friendly people and good atmosphere at night. Will be visiting again.”